Church Bell Ringing

There are many informative websites on the Internet about the art of change ringing on church Bells in the English style. This page does not purport to be one of them.

There is an introduction to change ringing on Chuch Bells provided by the North American Guild of Change Ringers. There is more to change ringing than just pulling a rope. If you are interested in learning about the theory, take a look at the mathematics of change ringing.

I mainly ring at St. James' church in Hemingford Grey part of the Huntingdon Branch of the Ely Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers. When I moved to St. Ives in August 2000 there was no regular band of ringers at St. Ives, so I joined the Hemingford ringers. Times have changed, and there is now a new band of ringers learning at All Saints church in St. Ives.

Previously, I rang at St. Mary's, Aylesbury part of the Central Bucks Branch of the Oxford Diocesan Guild.

If you are looking for the ringer Richard A Smith, you are in the wrong place (but I can pass a message to him if you can find no other means of contact).

Method Corner

Here you may download a PDF of the standard 41 surprise minor methods.


A list of the Peals which I have rung may be found here. All of my (relatively modest number of) Peals are listed. Details of each performance to be added in due course.

Quarter Peals

I have created an experimental page listing the more recent Quarter Peals I have rung, which may be found here.

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